Shot Group Calculating made EASY

Ballistic-X is a product of necessity! We set out to design an App to allow shooters everywhere to quickly quantify the performance of their barrel, ammo, and skill. Before entering the development phase, we sought input from credible shooters throughout the industry. Because of this, we believe we have created THE industry standard! Ballistic-X is available for Android and Apple devices!

Shot Group Calculator

Easily measure shot groups with just a few steps with your your phone. No need for the use of a measuring tape or calipers provided your target has a clear grid/size reference built in. User can process live or after the range at home!

Load Development

Save images with specific data to help log and track all of the information you need to assist with developing a load with your particular rifle.


All information can be toggled to give user feedback in the various languages used in the Precision Rifle community. Overlay Options allow user to easily toggle what is displayed with just a touch.

ATZ - Adjustment To Zero

Adjustment To Zero is our Optic Zeroing tool. Once user shoots a group and processes it, Ballistic-X gives user a readout in either MOA/MILS to adjust their scope perfectly. This feature works dynamically at whatever distance you are shooting rifle.

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Ballistic-X is a product of Nomad Innovations, LLC